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Consulting Business Plan Template

Consulting is a skill that not many people possess. It is a niche market for a consultant as he is deemed the ‘expert’ in that area, which many seek his advice for enhancement of their businesses and greater profits.

The consultant also needs to have a business plan for his own business. He not only gives out his expert advice and suggestions to help a company improve its business, the consultant also needs to keep track of his activities, such as client information, jobs or projects on hand, future or expected jobs, administration costs, research and development as well as its own training and planning costs.

A consulting business plan can also record the hours of consultation as well as the charges per hour to compute the cost and profit of a job. This information allows the consultant to view his business health.

A consulting business plan template would contain the following information:

* Company Name

* List of Clients

* List of Jobs

* Job Schedules

* Billable charges

* Marketing hours

* Administrative costs

* Research & Development

* Training & Education

A Consulting business plan template could also display relevant charts and diagrams to reflect the progress or health of the consulting company.

You can include the charts for billable hours or marketing hours spent on any job, while data records the quantum of hours and profit from all consulting jobs for the year and last year.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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