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Consulting Proposal Template

A Consulting proposal functions very much like a business proposal whereby the sender draws up a document presenting the possible solution to the problem or project on hand.

The consulting proposal is usually prepared by those with the appropriate expertise, knowledge, skills and experience to handle the project or job. A consulting proposal needs to list out the objective, scope of services, procedures, responsibilities and fees chargeable.

A consulting proposal template usually records:

* Consulting Company Name & Address

* Client’s Name & Address

The body of a consulting proposal records:

* Introduction of consulting company

* Objective of the proposal

* Procedures for the proposal

* Consultation Fees

For a client to accept the consulting proposal, he needs to know the consulting company’s background. Hence, the proposal should contain a brief write up of the company’s history and achievements. This will give the client more confident of the consulting company to consider its services.

The objective of the proposal must be clearly stated, which should be a reiteration of what the client wants and has conveyed to the consulting company. If it is well stated, it is prove that the consulting company understands the project on hand.

The procedures of the proposal list out the strategy which the consulting company is proposing to undertake if they were appointed to execute the task. The time frame and its related task for each section of the project are to be clearly stated.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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