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Consulting Service Proposal Template

A Consulting service is frequently called upon to assist in business in its development plans. It can be a new start up or an existing business that is in the doldrums. Instead of continued struggling, the stagnated business should seek out the consulting service for advice and assistance in rebuilding its business.

A consulting service proposal is then prepared to assist the business client. It can propose a list of services which may benefit the business client by kicking off some initial study of the business on hand. After the first round of studies on the business is performed, there will be a consulting report based on the findings. Subsequent consulting service proposals with details of strategies may be suggested after the initial finding reports on the status of the business.

A consulting service proposal template may contain the following sections information:

* Date of Proposal

* Consultancy’s Name & Address

* Consultancy’s contact information

* Company’s Name & Address

* Background of Consultancy Company

* Proposed scope of services

* Initial Study of business

* Availability of Resources and Skills

* Meeting schedules

* Report of findings

* Payment terms & conditions

* References

Engaging a consulting service will take up time as the consulting professionals will need to interview the company staff to gather the necessary information to form its initial report. Hence, keeping to the deadlines are important to ensure that the consulting service does have a closure in sight.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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