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There are many occasions where a business requires contacting their customers during the course of a business day. There will also be many reasons to contact their own staff through the internal phone line, such as for meetings, reports, updates, consultations and so on, but the staff may not be available for some reason or other.

Hence, the receiver of the call needs to record the call and its corresponding message to be conveyed to the intended recipient of the call. If it were an incoming call, the receptionist is responsible to record the call with the relevant details such as time and date of call, caller name, response, caller contact and reason for call.

A contact log would be a useful tool to adopt in such situations as there are many calls in a business environment; in the midst of a busy schedule, many calls may be missed out. This does not augur well with customers who expect a prompt response from the company.

A contact log template can have:

* Company Name & Address

* Caller’s Name & Address

* Caller’s Contact information

* Date of Call

* Call number

* Taken by (receptionist)

* Type of call

* Response

The Response column can have options such as:

* To call back

* Will call back

* Left no message

* Message

A company contact log template can also include the billing of the calls made from the company.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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