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Contest Rules Template

There are many competitions and contests that can happen. It can be a simple children’s contest like drawing or coloring competition, or it could be a beauty pageant where global organizations are involved.

Hence, contest must have rules to ensure good order and proper planning. There are many rules that need to be stated to avoid fraud or abuse of the contest in any way to be successful.

Simple contests will have simple rules while international contests will have very comprehensive rules. A contest rules form will state the eligibility rules for the contest, prizes, commitments, responsibilities, sponsors information, and obligations.

Contest rules are very technical and complicated in some contests; there may be many obligations on the contestant which many refer to as ‘fine prints’. There are many clauses to a contest which would be stated in the contest rules form. Hence, before anyone signs up for a contest which has a contest rule form, one should read through the contest rules carefully and understand every aspect carefully. Many people tend to sign on the contest form hastily without reading the fine prints and later, find themselves in an awkward position due to some clause in the contest rule.

A contest rules bylaw template records the following information:

* Organization Name & Address

* Date of Contest

* Eligibility of contestants

* Obligations

* Sponsors

* Liabilities

* IRS requirements

* Publicity

The contest rules template must be approved by the organizing committee.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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