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Contract Proposal Template

A Contract proposal functions very much like a business proposal whereby the contractor submits a proposal for a project. A contract proposal is an important document which is used to convince the client of the contractor’s capability in handling a proposed project with its contents that includes the scope of the project, the deadlines and schedules, labor, materials, costing and objectives.

A contract proposal must be formally written and presented in a professional manner to impress the client with good content write-up. The contents of the contract proposal must be able to assure the client of the success of the project if awarded to the contract proposer.

Hence, the contract proposal needs to be clear in its objective, technology and approach on the proposed project so that the contractor will be awarded the job.

A contract proposal must be workable along the proposed deadlines based on the contractor’s background, skills, knowledge and experiences. A good contract proposal will not be afraid to have references to showcase the past successes. It will also contain the required terms and conditions of a project to ensure common understanding between both parties.

The contract proposal template contains the following pieces of information:

* Contractor’s Name & contact information

* Client’s Name & contact information

* Overview of proposed project

* Objective of contract proposal

* Technology

* Labor

* Materials

* Costing

* Time frames

* Experiences

* Types of Jobs undertaken

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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