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Contracting Resume Template

A Contract is an important document between two parties who are agreeing to a job which one of the parties is to undertake – the contractor. Hence, the contractor needs to have a stellar contracting resume to impress and convince the business owner to award the contracting job to him.

A contractor must be well versed with all aspects of the job to be assigned. He needs to have a wide experience of various contracting jobs which could include buildings of all types of homes, offices, commercial buildings, roads, highways, bridges, tunnels and so on.

He must be familiar with the soil conditions and geographical situation of the job to be handled.

A contracting resume template usually registers:

* Contractor’s Name & Address

* Education and certifications

* Years of experience

* Types of contracting experience

* Scope of Work

* Types of projects handled

* Skills and knowledge

A contractor must be responsible and reliable on the assigned work with a good communication skill with all types of people ranging from laborers to management.

He must be able to work under pressure and performing well with stellar results. If he is in a team, he needs to be a good team player and leader. He must have good analytical and building skills, understanding the various types of materials and equipment necessary for the job at hand.

He is a professional who handles his work well within the stipulated time frame.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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