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Contractor Agreement Template

A Contract is an important document between two parties who come together in agreement of some business transaction. The contract is a legal document which lists the terms and conditions of some business transaction between two parties.

The contract proposal is formally written with specific information inserted to make it a legally binding document.

A contract proposal template usually registers:

* Contractor’s Name & Address

* Client’s Name & Address

The body of a contract proposal records:

* Scope of Work required by the contractor

The contractor is obligated to state the workload specifically so that disputes can be avoided in the future, especially with regards to payment.

* Work Perform

The contractor should state the time frame for each portion of the project to be executed to ensure a good completion of the job at the agreed deadline.

* Contract Price

The contract should state the ball park figure of this project.

* Progress payment

The contract can state the progressive payments to the contractor depending on the scope of work and work performed according to the agreed deadlines.

* Signatories

Both parties are required to sign on the dotted lines at the bottom of this contract proposal as an indication of their agreement to the terms and conditions spelt out in the contract. They should also date the contract to make it effective from that date.

The contract can include other terms and conditions that can be specified in the contract.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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