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Contractor Invoice Template

A contractor is a person with a skill such as plumbing, wiring, flooring, home renovations and the like. There are many areas in our lives which require the service of a contractor as we are not skilled in many or all areas affecting our lives.

When the work is done by the contractor, there will be payment accrued; hence, a contractor invoice is issued whether the contractor is self-employed or under a company. A contractor work is usually labor intensive but it can also involve a lot of materials. These are chargeable unless the materials are provided to the contractor, as per the agreement between the involved parties.

A contractor’s job may be big that requires more than one contractor or more than one day. Contractor charges are dependent on the market rate, type of work rendered and the duration of work taken to complete the task.

A contractor invoice is similar to other invoices in the business environment as it is a formal request for payment on work done.

A contractor invoice template may display:

* Contractor’s Company name, logo, mailing address & contact number

* Customer’s full name, address & contact information

* Invoice Number

* Description of Work done

* Date of Work commencement

* Date of Work Completion

* Material used

* Material charges

* Labor Charges

* Taxes

* Total charge

* Due Date for Payment

* Mode of Payment (Terms: 30 days, Cash)

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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