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Contractor Proposal Template

A Contractor proposal functions very much like a business proposal whereby the contractor submits a proposal for the available task. There may be many contractors submitting their proposal to win the project; thus, a good contractor proposal will make a big difference in any tender exercise.

The contractor proposal is usually a formal document with a template that usually records:

* Contractor’s Name & Address

* Client’s Name & Address

The body of a contractor proposal records:

* Introduction of contractor’s company

* Objective of the proposal

* Experiences

* Types of Jobs undertaken

* References

* Project Fees

A clear and precise write up of the contractor’s background or company information is very important to the client who needs to know whom he is dealing with, if the project were awarded to the contractor.

The contractor’s impressive background, services rendered, experiences and types of job undertaken add credit to his reputation which enhances the confidence of the client in awarding the project.

The objective of the proposal must be clearly stated, which should be a reiteration of what the client wants. If it is stated well, it is a good reflection of the contractor’s good understanding of what needs to be done in the project.

The contractor should also state the types of jobs that he has undertaken with those as similar to the tender project as possible, with references, so that his appropriate skills and experience can be accounted for.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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