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Cornell Notes Template

Every student knows the importance of good note taking. There is a special note taking system called the Cornell notes which is widely used when introduced by an education professor from Cornell University.

This special Cornell notes method states a systematic format in organizing your notes in condensed form in 2 columns. The right column is the note-taking column which is double the size of the left column, the Questions and key word column.

The student gives about 5-7 lines at the page bottom for extra notes or special reminders.

Lecture notes are written on the right column; text notes or ideas are paraphrased using symbols and abbreviations. Future reviews are prepared with relevant questions which are usually recorded earliest possible while fresh in the student’s mind. Key words are written at the right column.

The student gives a brief at the page bottom to enhance understanding the topic. This enhances the student’s learning with concise and detailed learning.

In material review, the student answers the questions or keywords while covering up the notes column. A student learns better with regular review.

A Cornell notes template can contain the following components:

* Student name

* Date

* Topic

* Chapter

* Left Column / Questions & Keywords

* Key terms

* Key People

* Academic

* Reading Check

* Section Assessment

* Summary

* Right Column

* Lecture notes

Cornell Notes taking system was found to be very effective to improved student learning.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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