Meeting Minutes Templates

Corporate Meeting Minutes Template

Corporate meetings are high powered meetings amongst the company leaders. Important issues are discussed where the company leaders come together regularly but may not be very frequently unless a crucial project is on hand.

Corporate meetings have minutes recorded for the purpose of reference. A corporate meeting minute is usually formally written and distributed to its attendees for further action.

Corporate meeting minutes are usually taken by the secretary who later prints and distributes a copy to all who are involved, including the absentees.

The template of corporate meeting minutes may contain the following header:

* Date of Meeting

* Purpose of Meeting

* Attendees/Absentees

* Start and End times of Meeting

* Venue

The body of the corporate meeting minutes can contain columns of information recording what has been transpired during the meeting:

* Issues

* Discussion

* Conclusion

* Action By

The Corporate meeting minutes should record the various issues that were discussed with possible conclusion and final decisions made during the meeting. It can also note the person(s) in charge of the further actions decided on each issue.

There may be reports or presentations that are also included in a corporate meeting which must be recorded in the minutes for the same purpose of reference and follow up action. The minutes can also include communication and feedback on outstanding issues that are presented at the meeting.

If it is a regular corporate meeting, the next meeting details will be included in the minutes.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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