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Cost Proposal Template

Any business or job done today will incur cost. Costs are computed for payment. It is revenue to the servicing company. Hence, a cost proposal is an essential piece of document for both the servicing and recipient parties; the servicing company is able to track what expenses will be incurred with a bottom line figure of profit in taking up this job, while the recipient company gets a statement on the expenses accrue from this task.

A cost proposal is usually submitted by the servicing company as part of its project proposal to the company requiring work done.

A cost proposal template may contain the following sections information:

* Date of Proposal

* Servicing company’s Name & Address

* Servicing company’s contact information

* Accepting company’s Name & Address

* Project Title

* Expected duration of project with schedules

* Derivation of Estimated Direct Expenses

* Travel cost

* Computers

* Administrative

* Labor

* Miscellaneous

* Taxes

The Derivation of estimated direct expenses are computed and listed for its various categories that are directly involved in the proposed project.

The travel costs can include mileage, petrol, accommodation and other travel related expenses.

The computer costs include the hardware, software, license, expertise, manuals, reference materials and other related expenses.

The administrative costs refer to photocopying, faxing, papers and stationery.

Labor costs involve the manpower either in-house or outsourced.

Miscellaneous costs cover all other costs that do not fit the above or specified categories.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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