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Everyone loves a coupon; depending on the contents, a coupon can be of worth to the holder. A coupon may seem like a flitting piece of paper to one who does not enjoy the contents written on it but the individual who likes the coupon offering will find the coupon a treasure.

A coupon is usually designed and printed by a company offering some incentive to the holder, who would be a potential customer. It can offer a free gift with or without purchase; a coupon can offer discounts which give great savings to the individual who needs to make that purchase; it can also hold rewards to its holder who is a regular or frequent patron of the company’s service.

For example, a discount coupon can be given to a patron who has been purchasing the company’s products frequently. It could also be a coupon that allows a free product after certain conditions have been met, such as the holder having purchased a certain amount of products from the company.

A coupon template is easy to design. It can have:

* Company’s name & logo

* Company slogan

* Coupon’s offering

* Colors

* Different fonts and sizes

* Pictures

The pictures, different fonts and sizes on the coupon make it more attractive and interesting. The holder of the coupon is to surrender the coupon to the company in exchange for the coupon’s value as stated on the coupon, provided that all conditions are fulfilled.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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