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Course Evaluation Forms Template

Course evaluations are very important to the trainer. An evaluation gives the trainer a golden opportunity to improve his presentation and training for the future training sessions, as trainings are essential to the growth and healthy development of an individual or company.

A course evaluation form is usually designed to be simple and precise for the trainee to provide good and relevant feedback to the trainer.

A course evaluation form template header may have the following information:

* Company Name

* Course Title

* Course Objective(s)

* Course Date & Time

* Venue

* Course Trainer

The body of the course evaluation form template may contain sections of information that pertain the to the training’s learning objectives with columns of evaluation responses such as:

* Excellent

* Good

* Average

* Needs Improvement

* Poor

Each of the evaluation responses above has a score for the trainee to circle; for example, ‘Excellent’ would have a score of ‘5’ while ‘Poor’ may have a score of ‘1’.

The sections evaluated by the trainee not only include the training materials but also the presentation style and knowledge of the course trainer. This is to feedback to the trainer on his presentation skills to be improved.

There may be some space at the bottom of a course evaluation form where the trainee is encouraged to write his personal comments on other aspects of the training which are not covered in the course evaluation form.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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