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Course Proposal Template

Education is very important in this time and age. Knowledge is the key to success. There is a growing cloud of knowledge as more research and studies are conducted on anything and everything.

In the education industry, many learning institutions are also playing their role in coming up with new courses to meet the changing needs of society. Hence, there is a need for a course proposal which may be done up from a department to its administrative head before it goes up to the ministry of education in the land for approval before it can be conducted.

A course proposal needs to run through the right path to obtain the relevant licenses before it can be offered to the community and be taught, with or without charging fees. A course proposal must have careful studies of the need of the community to put together the course so that it will meet the needs of the society. For example, if there is a growing need for engineers in a developing nation, then the course for engineering will be developed.

A course proposal template may contain the following information:

* Date

* Learning Institution’s Name & Address

* Course Proposal

* Course Proposer

* Description of course

* Objective(s) of course proposed

* Targeted learners

* Expected attendance per course

* Resources

* Charges (fees)

* References

* Materials

* Teaching methods

* Grading system

A course proposal must cover all aspects of the course.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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