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Cover Letters Template

Cover letters are essential in a formal environment when one needs to send some important information or package. A cover letter is usually attached to inform the recipient of the attachment contents or to take note of certain important information in the attachment or enclosure.

It is usually written in a formal format as it accompanies some important documentation.

Hence, the cover letter template should have the sender’s complete information for reference and reply, if necessary. The contact information such as mailing address or contact number can be placed at the top left corner of the letter, followed by the date and then the recipient’s name, title and company name with its full mailing address; all of which should be separated with at least one line spacing.

* Sender’s information

* Date

* Recipient’s information

* Salutations/Greetings

* Reference line

The format is very similar to that of a formal letter with the proper salutations and appropriate titles, if any, followed by the reference line stating the objective of the letter.

The body of the letter is very important and must state the intention of the cover letter precisely for the recipient to understand the contents as well as to identify the proper actions related to the attachment. The contents should be clearly written in one page, as the cover letter should not be cluttered with words or too many instructions or things to note, unless it is a very formal cover letter, as in legal letters.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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