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Credit Card Receipt Template

Credit cards are commonly used in today’s business transactions; it is not just all cash transactions in today’s world of business. Many people do not like to carry too much cash on them today and prefer to use credit cards which offer many benefits such as credit terms, safety of cash, lighter load in the pocket or purse and a higher spending capacity if necessary.

When the credit card is used, you must be careful in obtaining its receipt to keep track of your transactions as there are many occasions today where credit fraud is committed.

A credit card receipt is usually given by the retailer when you perform a credit card transaction at the shop. The credit card receipt template usually registers:

* Credit card holder’s Name & Address

* Type of Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)

* Issuing banker’s name & address

* Retailer’s Name & Address

* Date of Transaction

* Time of Transaction

* Venue of Transaction

* Transaction amount

* Transaction reference number

* Batch number

Due to the prevalent credit card frauds today, there is a lot of information on a credit card receipt to enable the checking and proofing of the transaction, especially when the credit card receipt need no signature to verify the authenticity of the spender.

At the bottom of the credit card receipt, you will find the obligatory payment statement under the signatory lines, such as “I agree to pay the above amount to the card issuer”.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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