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Custom Invoice Template

Invoices are important in any business transactions. They are generated to request for payment on goods sold or services rendered. Invoices contribute to the survival or progress of the business.

There are many kinds of invoice. All business transactions should have invoices generated to confirm the deal. A custom invoice functions similarly to any invoice except for the environment that it is generated for. A custom invoice is used in the delivery of goods which must be declared to the custom authority.

There are many pieces of information in a custom invoice. Details must be included for the smooth processing of the goods, especially when they are transported across nations.

A custom invoice template should contain:

* Vendor’s name and mailing address with contact info

* Consignee’s name and mailing address with contact number

* Date of Shipment

* Reference Number

* Purchaser’s Name and mailing information

* Country of Origin

* Transportation mode

* Terms & Conditions of payment

* Currency of Settlement

* Quantity

* Description/Explanation

* Unit Price

* Line Total

* Total Weight

* Custom’s Value

* Department Ruling

* Transportation Charges

* Construction Costs

* Commission

* Royalty charges

There are many sections that are related depending on the information supplied with regards to the goods recorded on a custom invoice. The custom invoice must be accurately and clearly filled in for a smooth processing through customs if the goods are to be sent across boundaries.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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