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Daily Activity Log Template

A daily activity log records the activities of an individual on a day to day basis. It is up to the individual to decide on recording down which activities in his life that are deemed important. Such a log allows you to see how you are using your time every day. You can also calculate the percentage of time used on certain activities to determine how fruitful your time has been used every day.

A daily activity log template header contains:

* User name

* Date

* Days of the week

* Time slots

The daily activity log body can be spaces where you can list out the activities at that particular hour or time frame. The time frame can start from any preferred time; the time you get up from bed or the time you get started at work. The time frame can be on an hourly or half hourly basis, depending on your activities or personal preference.

A simpler daily activity log can be just a day on its own. This will give more space for the user to record more notes with regards to his activities.

A daily activity log is especially useful to students who need to be disciplined about using their time wisely with regards to their studies. By filing up the daily activity log sheets, a student can analyze how effective his time has been used.

Anyone can use a daily activity log to improve his time management.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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