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Daily Agenda Template

Everyone has only 24 hours each day; hence, it is important to use these hours wisely, as time is precious and cannot be replaced when it is passed. To maximize your day, you can apply a daily agenda on your day’s routine.

A daily agenda helps to list out the things that need to be handled for that particular day, so that you will not miss out anything that is important. Hence, you will be very productive in using your 24 hour day.

A daily agenda can start at any hour you wish depending on the time you get up from sleep or how detailed you want your daily agenda to be. A daily agenda is very personal as it records the user’s needs or activities that should be fulfilled on that particular day.

Basically, a daily agenda template can have:

* User Name

* Date

Its body may have the following columns of information:

* Time

* Activity

* Comments

* Things to Note

The time column can be recorded by the hour or half hourly, depending on the user’s needs. The user can be very detailed with the recording of information or make brief comments. Any activity can be recorded on the daily agenda anytime before or on the day itself, as long as the hour is not reached.

After the time has passed, the user can record some feedback for a self evaluation to improve his daily agenda for the future days.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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