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Daily Food Log Template

Food is important to the body; everyone needs to have food to sustain their life. If you can take care of the types of food you put into your body, you will maintain a healthier life, together with exercises and lots of water.

A daily food log is a useful sheet of information where you can keep track of the types and quantities of food you consume. You can record the calories and fat from the foods you consume. You can also record your weight to evaluate how it commensurate with the types and quantities of food you consume.

A daily food log template usually lists:

* Date

* Meals

*Types of food

* Quantity of food (portion)

* Calories

* Fat

* Weight

The above information allows you to be more careful with the types of food and their quantities you are taking at every meal every day.

You may also want to include ‘Snacks’ besides the three main meals of the day; i.e. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

With a daily food log, you will be able to monitor your own health by keeping your weight right with the right types of food. By staying healthy with the right types of food, you will not worry about low body immunity to ward off diseases and virus attacks that are so prevalent today.

You can consult a nutritionist on the right amount of calories and fats to consume with any food portion.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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