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Daily Journal Template

Everyone has 24 hours. To make good use of the time we have on our hands each day, we can record down the list of activities that take up our time. We can use a daily journal for this task which can be easily implemented with a booklet or the computer that has unlimited space if required.

A daily journal records all the activities you take on for the day; it can also list down the activities that you may want to consider performing if time permits, or in case you forget about it. This can happen as we are all busy people with many commitments and obligations.

A daily journal will allow you to view how your time is being used every day. You can note down the impact of your activity after it is completed for a reference or you can note down improvements to the activity for future repeats.

A daily journal also allows you to compute the percentage of time used on certain activities to determine how fruitful your time has been used every day.

A daily journal template can list the following:

* User name

* Date

* Day

* Time slots

* Note column

* Appointments

* Extra time activity

The daily journal can set up the time frame according to your preferred time slots, depending on how you use your blocks of time for every activity. It can be structured on a daily basis.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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