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There is always work for some people whether it is day or night. Hence, it is important for them to plan their work for their day so that they will be productive. A Daily log is a useful tool where you can list down all the tasks that you need to get done as well as to track what is still outstanding throughout the day.

A daily log is very simple; it is a simple sheet that is used on a daily basis with a lot of space for you to write down your tasks as you like. You can also record your messages and telephone numbers which you may need to use for the day, for easier reference.

The daily log template usually comprises:

* Date

* Notes

* To Do

* Message

You may refer to the various daily logs to compare notes.

There are many ways to use your daily log effectively. You can separate urgent tasks from common tasks, although both categories need to be handled within the day. But with a daily log, you are able to view all your day’s tasks and handle those that are more urgent first.

You can jot down notes on each task during and after completion so that you can review the success of the task and your productivity easily, for future improvements.

You can also add on tasks during the day onto your daily log when the unexpected task crops up.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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