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Everyone has only 24 hours a day; it is up to each individual how he or she uses his or her time each day. Students may want to ensure that they have sufficient time to study and relax while business people or working people want to be more productive at the office, instead of taking work home every day.

Even housewives can make use of a daily planner with the many activities that they can engage in, whether they have maids or not. Everyone benefits if they can use their daily hours wisely.

Hence, a daily planner template header should have:

*User name

* Date

* Day of the week

The body of the daily planner template comprises:

* Time

* Notes

The time column can be structured to start the day at the break of dawn or according to the user’s preference. It can be on an hourly or half-hourly basis.

The notes column is to allow the user to jot down extra information with regards to the activity or the day.

You can keep the daily planner in a file to evaluate your time usage in a week or on a monthly basis. That will help you identify how well you are using your time and motivates you to improve in time management. You can compute the percentages on the activities performed on a daily basis to decide if these time-consuming activities are worth continuing.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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