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Daily Reading Template

Reading is an excellent habit which should be adopted by all. The habit should be inculcated in the lives of our children from young so that there will be a learned society when the next generation comes on. This way, society will progress and civilization will be applauded.

To encourage the good reading habit, a reading plan must exist. A daily reading template forms the path for a good reading plan. One can read all types of reading material. There should not be any restriction or limitations, except for the immoral values publications which can destroy the society. Hence, we must monitor the type of reading materials our young children take on or be encouraged to read.

A daily reading template can be very simple. It can have the following components:

* Reader’s name

* Date

* Parent’s name

* Book title

* Author


* Start and End dates of reading

* Summary of reading material

Parental involvement in a child’s daily reading is very crucial. It motivates the child to read more and to develop the reading desire within.

Parents can help their children to choose good reading materials. Younger children can start off with simple words and lots of colorful pictures. Then, the number of pictures should be lesser as the child grows. There are many types of books which can engage a child in reading: fiction, adventure, scientific, mystery, autobiographies, study materials and ghost stories.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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