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Daily Timesheet Template

A lot of businesses use daily timesheets to record the work hours of the many employees on their payroll. Whether the business operates on a 24/7 basis or not, daily timesheets are helpful payroll computational tools to the organization.

A daily time sheet records every valid employee’s work hours while computing the correct and fair payment of his services. It is used especially for daily computation of payroll as there are employees who are employed on a part-time or daily basis. These can be casual workers, temporary staff or extra helps for the company due to bulk work at some point in time, during the business’ heavy operations.

A daily timesheet records the basic information of an employee such as:

* Company Name

* Date

* Employee Name

* Employee Number

* Employee Title

* Employee Department

* Employee Social Security Number

* Work Status

* Payroll classification

* File Number

* Task Description

* Start Work Time

* End Work Time

* Total hours

* Overtime

* Rate per hour/day

* Employee Initial

* Signatories

* Employee

* Supervisor

* Department Head

* Payroll Authority

A daily timesheet must be submitted by the employee or the payroll personnel for the daily processing of payment. It can be electronically designed to ease the manual computation of the payment but it must have sufficient security features to eliminate possible tampering of data and fraud.

Hence, the many signatories on the daily timesheet.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenienc.

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