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Day Planner Template

Everyone has only 24 hours and hence, it is important to use the hours as best as you can. A day planner would be a useful tool to assist you in this task. A day planner is just a simple piece of paper which can record the tasks that you want to do. It is a very useful tool that lets you be efficient with your use of time.

A day planner is just what it is termed; you can plan your day on it by listing down all the activities that you want to accomplish. It is very flexible as you can put down any task you want done for the day without any time structure. This frees you from the stress of being bound to any timeframe. It is a good tool for those who need to finish up on their daily chores without a specific time frame.

But you can have priorities stated against the task and the column of completion to tick off when the task is done.

Hence, the daily log template can have the following columns in its header:

* Date

* Priority

* Activity

* Completed

You can fill the day planner sheet with as many tasks as it can fill. You can jot down the tasks as and when you can remember. Then you can prioritize the tasks in the priority column with numbers. When you have completed the task, tick it off at the completed column.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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