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Deal Memo Template

Some times a business needs to take in extra hands to help out at the company’s peak period to ensure that the business does not suffer a loss, or is able to gain as much profit as possible. Hence, temporary employment or hire is very common in every business. Nevertheless, to ensure fair work conditions to both employer and employee, there must be some contract or deal memo that is beneficial to both parties.

A deal memo is an important piece of document to the employee as well as to the employer; it helps both parties to identify and accept their role in that particular setting. The memo states the job description and responsibilities of the hired hand as well as the obligations of the employer upon the satisfactory fulfilling of responsibilities by the employee.

This deal memo will farm off disputes or misunderstandings between the employee and employer. Both parties should be agreeable to the contents stated before signing at the bottom of the deal memo, as an acknowledgement of acceptance to the stated terms and conditions.

Working hours and payment rate must also be included besides the job responsibilities.

The deal memo template may have issues listed such as:

* Organization name

* Employee name

* Date of Employment

* Job Title

* Pay / Salary

* Job Scope

* Work Hours

* Employment Benefits

* Obligations

* Confidentiality clause

Depending on the job, the job scope may differ in different deal memos for different employees.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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