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Deal Memo Template

A Memo is usually sent to another individual or business associate with some information that is important or relevant for the recipient. It is a piece of important document that relates to both parties – sender and recipient.

A deal memo can be sent from the supplier of any goods to the recipient as a confirmation of the transaction agreed perhaps verbally. A deal memo records all the aspects of the acquisition such as listing the specific assets that are involved in this acquisition as well as the liabilities that are incurred. The deal may have some persons appointed as directors or some specific authority with regards to the deal. There could also be specific closing date of the deal as well as any due diligences and general representations that should be stated clearly in this acquisition. Specific closing conditions and costs with other relevant confidential information must be recorded. Good faith negotiations and interim actions may be listed.

The deal memo template may take on the following sections of information:

* Company Name and Address


* Dealer Name

* Acquisition info:

* Assets

* Fixed liabilities

* Directors’ appointment

* Closing date

* Due Diligence

* General representations

* Closing conditions

* Costs

* Confidential information

* Good faith negotiations

* Interim Action

* Witness column

* Signatories

The deal memo’s bottom states the witnesses of the deal and their signatories to confirm the terms of acquisition.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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