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Design Invoice Template

There are many types of businesses and services that can bring in revenue for a company. If there is a willing payer, the business transaction can go through; even for designs which are considered a creative service. It is classified as a task or project which the purchasing party is willing to pay for.

Designs can be found in many businesses, such as fashion, toys, products, cars, houses, buildings, and anything. A lot of advertising agencies charge a design fee for the advertising campaigns they do for their clients, whether they like the designs or not.

Hence, a design invoice is drawn up when the customer receives some designs to choose for his business. This is to protect the interest of the creative designer. It is passed on to the customer with the objective of collecting payment for his creative skills and ideas.

A design invoice template can contain the following columns:

* Date

* Customer’s Name

* Customer’s mailing address

* Customer’s contact number

* Customer’s Reference Number

* Designer company’s name & address

* Customer’s Order No.

* Invoice No.

* Shipping address (in case differs from customer’s address)

* Quantity

* Type of Design/Work

* Discount

* Tax

* Total

There may be shipping and other miscellaneous charges depending on the business and the location where the transaction is conducted.

Payment terms can be stated on the design invoice template for reminders, such as ‘Cash on Delivery’.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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