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Design Proposal Template

Businesses can propose many types of designs for their transactions. Any company can have different types of design used in their businesses, such as their company logo, company name, letterhead and even stationery.

Since these designs are peculiar to that company, it would require the special skills of a creative designer to propose some favorable designs that are attractive and reflective of the company. Hence, you will need to use a design proposal that can suggest the suitable designs for the company.

A design proposal will need to state the proposed design(s) with the objective and description to help the company identify with its suitability and usage. Normally, the designer will need to do a ‘sales pitch’ or a presentation to explain his reason for suggesting the designs. If the explanation is justifiable or impressive, the design proposal will be more easily accepted; of course, other factors can play an important role on the decision such as pricing and copyrights issue.

A design proposal template can contain the following columns:

* Date

* Customer’s Name

* Customer’s mailing address

* Customer’s contact number

* Customer’s Reference Number

* Designer company’s name & address

* Customer’s Order No.

* Design No.

* Quantity

* Type of Design/Work

* Description of design

* Validity of proposed designs

* Exclusivity

There may be other terms and conditions which can be stated in the design proposal. The designer and customer will need to work out an agreement contract when the designs are chosen.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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