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Designer Resume Template

A designer is responsible to put forth the style and products that are attractive to the market. There are many kinds of designer in the marketplace. One can be a fashion designer or a business designer. With the advent of computer technology, today there is the web designer who designs the web environment or Internet services for public use and convenience.

A web designer needs to be knowledgeable in computing and designs. He must have creativity in combining these two skills to form the required at the Internet environment. A web designer needs to be well versed with computer designer tools and knowledge such as AutoCAD, 2D/3D animation tools, ICT skills and computer hardware and software.

A web designer must be able to find inspiration for his job as different clients will require different specifications. He must be updated with the latest computing technologies such as PHP, HTML, Flash, MYSQL, JAVASCRIPT, CSS and XML. He should be familiar with various web applications such as Dreamweaver, JPadPro or WordPress.

Depending on the business environment and requirements, a designer must always be quick with his creative ideas to put forth some impressive solutions to propose to his clients.

A designer resume template may include:

* Designer’s Name & Address

* Career Objectives

* Qualifications & certifications

* Skills

* Software and Hardware competencies

* Resources

* Work Experience

* Types of projects

* Types of environment

* Awards and accolades

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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