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Diagrams are very useful pieces of data display at almost every occasion. They are used not only in businesses but also in schools, at homes, presentations or personal learning. A student learns better when facts are presented in diagrammatic forms; the same with businesses where business presentations are clearer with diagrams to represent the facts. Our minds tend to focus better with diagrams than hearing words only.

Diagrams can be of various types to make the presentation more effective and impactful. Even boring reports can come alive with diagrams; learning texts are more interesting with diagrams. There can be so many types of diagrams that can be incorporated into your reports, books, presentation or even media forms. People prefer to look at diagrams than read words.

Diagrams can be colorful with different sizes and fonts. Different shapes and pictures can constitute a diagram. Hence, a diagram can be as creative and interesting as you want so that your intention is reached in conveying the displayed information.

A diagram template can take on the following components:

* Title

* Shapes

* Sizes

* Fonts

* Pictures

* Colors

These components can be mixed creatively to give the best presentation but care must be exercised so that the resultant diagram does not end up distasteful or flashy to the eye.

It is up to the creator and designer of the diagrams to decide what to include and exclude in drawing up diagrams.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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