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Most people who want a healthy body or perfect body shape will work hard at keeping a good and balanced diet while exercising. This is a good approach towards a healthy lifestyle.

A diet log is not only a move towards a better figure; it is also a good move towards a healthy figure. A diet log records the type of food that is taken for every meal, counting the calories to ensure that no excess fats and carbohydrates are taken which will make the body work harder to burn them; otherwise, they are stored as fats.

Every individual should have a good diet plan and log. This helps you to eat well to stay well. A diet log is a simple recording of the types of food taken and its quantum for each meal every day.

You will need to identify the amount of nutrients and calories required for your body, as every person is different. Discipline is required to maintain the diet log so that you can see the results in due time.

A diet log can also record the status of your health in terms of the exercises, amount of rest and weight.

A diet log template may have:

* Days of the week

* Types of Meal

* Breakfast

* Lunch

* Snack

* Dinner

* Food / Beverage description

* Amount of:

* Fats

* Carbohydrates

* Sodium

* Fiber

* Sugar

* Protein

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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