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Dinner Planner Template

A dinner planner is necessary as it is useful for the chef who needs to cook dinner for his diners. It is not easy to be cooking a meal; much more when it is everyday. A chef needs to be creative and passionate about each meal he cooks. But no diner likes to sample the same or similar types of food too frequently. Diversity is the spice of the day.

A dinner planner is usually designed on a weekly or monthly basis so that the chef can track the menu for each dinner, so that the chances of a repeat menu are lowered as the planner allows the chef an overview of the dinners for the whole week or month.

The dinner planner template usually lists:

* Days of the week

* Week / Month

* Dinner Menu

The dinner menu portion could be more detailed with:

* Appetizer

*Main Course


When the chef can record more information on the dinner planner sheet, it is to his advantage. He can identify the reception of his diners towards his menu choices. There can be a feedback column for each dinner menu to help the chef monitor his diners’ preferences.

If the dinner planner is on a monthly basis, then less space is available to put in more details unless a bigger piece of paper is used.

These sheets can be filed up for comparison purposes so that the chef can make better decisions on the types of dishes to be cooked.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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