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Dive Log Template

Diving is an interesting activity. It can be a hobby if you love the sea. There are many treasures to discover in diving. You can be a diving instructor if you are good in it. It is good to have a dive log whether you are a diving instructor or diving personally as a hobby.

A dive log allows you to record when and for how long you have dived besides where and what aspects. You can track your diving times and the current conditions so that you can identify safer times to dive, especially if you are in the diving business.

There are many pieces of information which you can put on a dive log. It can be a daily or weekly dive log.

A dive log template can put on:

* Diver(s)’ name & contact information

* Dive Date

* Time of Dive

* Location

* Water Temperature

* Air levels

* Maximum depths

* Equipment used

* Discoveries

* Type of water (sea / fresh)

There are many more pieces of information that you can have on the dive log. You can even record your diving attempts and the record dives to be on a competitive nature.

If you are a diving instructor or dive guide, you can record your groups’ accomplishments of their dives to grant those who qualify a certificate of achievement.

You can also record your underwater findings which may be of value or have sentimental implications.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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