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Donation Form Template

There are many needy people in our society who needs some financial aid. The government is unable to care for all the needy in our midst. You and I can do our bit by donating some of our extra to those who are really in dire financial difficulties.

But to donate to a needy cause or person, it is good to fill up a donation form for better accountability. Moreover, many charitable organizations request the filling in of donation forms for both parties’ benefit; namely, to be exempted from taxes.

Hence, a donation form template may contain the following pieces of information:

* Charitable Organization’s Name & Address

* Office Contact number

* Facsimile address

* Email address

* Donor’s Name & Address

* Donor’s contact number

* Donor’s Amount

* Form of Donation (Cash/Check/Credit card)

Most donation forms would have a brief write up or paragraph about the objective of the donation, for the donor’s information. Sometimes, the charitable organization may also include another portion in th donation form: payment structure.

Payment structure can refer to:

* One time payment

* Regular payment

Regular payment allows the charitable organization to debit the donor’s financial accounts (savings, checking or credit) regularly as per agreement, the amount to be donated without requesting permission from the donor.

This will save time in asking for donations repeatedly. Moreover, this regular donation allows the charitable organization to better plan the fundraising activities, knowing the amount of funds on hand.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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