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Donation Receipt Template

Many philanthropists have no qualms in footing out large amounts of money to be donated to the poor, old, orphans and needy. The smaller amounts of donation of the general public may not match these big time donors, but the principle is the same. No matter how much you give, if you give with a kind heart, the amount is received with gratefulness. It would be channeled to the needy group of people according to the organizing committee’s call to donate earlier.

Follow up action should be done after the solicitation of funds. There should be a donation receipt given to every donor to every cause so that there is accountability of funds donated or collected. Whether it is a personal or organizational donation, there should be a donation receipt to acknowledge the kind generosity of the donor as well as to enable the donor possible tax exemption or rebate through his donation.

Hence, a donation receipt template may contain the following pieces of information:

* Event Organization’s Name & Address

* Office Contact number

* Facsimile address

* Email address

* Donor’s Name & Address

* Donor’s contact number

* Donor’s Amount

* Form of Donation (Cash/Check/Credit card)

* Description

The donation receipt can also record the purpose of the donation. It can also contain a simple heartfelt line of thanks for the generosity of the donor at the bottom of the donation receipt.

Some donation receipts have the organization’s chop for validity.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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