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Draughtsman Resume

A draughtsman is important in drawing up the building or any space given. He is the assistant of an architect. He works on the building plans of any property or infrastructure that needs to be constructed.

A draughtsman must be knowledgeable in the building works and infrastructure of the construction on hand. He must be creative to view the construction in its 3D while on the paper in 2D. He must be able to visualize the finished product even in his head although many draughts men are able to use the computer to assist them in their work today to speed up and be more efficient in their work.

A draughtsman must be good with his computation and space planning to ensure that the desired construction or infrastructure is able to fit the given space or location. He must take into account the dimensions and the geographical pressures that may impact his construction designs.

He needs to understand construction and building rules, regulations and building codes as he draughts out the designs and shapes of buildings or infrastructures. A draughtsman needs to be independent at his work while having a good work attitude towards his superiors and clients.

A draughtsman resume template contains the following pieces of information:

* Draughtsman’s personal information

* Career Objective

* Educational path and achievements

* Experience

* Career Achievements

* Special responsibilities & assignments

* Skills

* Awards and accolades

* Trainings

* References

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