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Driver Resume Template

A driver profession is not to be looked down upon as there are many facets of life which requires good drivers. There are public transportations which require careful and safe drivers to get us to our desired destination. There are company drivers who supply goods and products to the different facets of businesses such as supermarkets, drugstores, grocery shops and bookshops.

A driver is an important person who needs to know the correct driving skills and to exercise them daily when he is on the road. He must be alert to other drivers to avoid road mishaps that are of no benefits to anyone. He needs to be responsible in his role as a company driver to transport the necessary goods to their destination in good condition and on time to avoid damage or spoilage.

A driver must be in good health to ensure safety in his driving. He needs to be patient with other road users and his superiors who may give out instructions to him for deliveries. He should have good communication skills to interact with the different types of people he may meet during the course of his work. He must be hard working and committed.

A driver resume template may include the following pieces of information:

* Driver’s Name & Address

* Career Objectives

* Academic qualifications

* Skills & certifications

* Types of licenses

* Resources

* Work Experience

* Types of transportation

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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