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E-mail Business Card Template

All business people have business cards or contact cards but today in our electronic world, a lot of businesses are conducted over the Internet; hence, you have an email business card. E-mail business cards are similar to the conventional physical business cards except that e-mail business cards are located in the Internet platform.

E-mail business cards are usually placed at the end of the virtual invoices or documents for the recipient’s convenience in response contact. An e-mail business card will have similar information as the physical contact card such as name, department, company name, company logo, contact number and perhaps the company vision.

Anything can be put on an e-mail business card that can attract the recipient’s response. You can always attach an e-mail contact card in any email or virtual document you send out to your customers. You will also find the company website on an e-mail business card for the recipients to visit the company site.

An e-mail business card template can have the following components:

* Company’s Full name & Address

* Company’s Logo

* Company contact number

* Fax number

* Website address

* Employee’s Name

* Job Title

* Contact number

* Email address

An e-mail business card may also display the employee’s photo for identification purposes. Any preferred fonts can be used on an e-mail business card which can be stored and changed anytime but the changes should be a corporate decision.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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