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Email Invoice Template

With the advancement of technology today, the use of computers and Internet is rampant in businesses. Hence, as an effort to protect the environment, less paper is circulated. Today, email invoices are an acceptable form of crucial documents to be delivered to any business. This move is highly hailed by environmentalists who wish to green the earth.

An email invoice functions the same way as the physical copy with all the necessary information on it. Email invoices today are accepted in the business environment with an acknowledgement response of receipt. It is widely used today in the business world because it is delivered very quickly and as many times as needed; in case the recipient deleted the copy or computer crashed.

An email invoice template may display:

* Company’s name and logo

* Company’s full mailing address & contact number

* Customer / Recipient’s full name

* Customer / Recipient’s full address and contact information

* Invoice Number

* Delivery Order Number Reference

* Customer’s Identification Code

* Quantity of Items sold/purchased

* Item number

* Description/Explanation

* Unit Price

* Line Total

* Due Date for Payment

* Mode of Payment (Terms: 30 days, Cash)

* Check payable to (Company name)

* Terms and conditions

The format or outlook of an email invoice can mirror that of the physical copy so that business personnel can identify the document. It is just in virtual form to cut down on paper.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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