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Email Newsletter Template

With the advent of Internet and the progressive development of technology today, most companies would be using the computer to convey much information within its organization as well as with their clients, customers and business associates.

Emails are now widely used in many companies today to update their employees and customers news that are relevant to the different groups of people.

Hence, companies do have their own email newsletters which are distributed to their customers and employees for the updates of products, services and company news.

The email newsletter template can be creatively designed, depending on the company’s objective and nature of business. It can be colorful with different fonts and layouts for its pages. It can be just a page or at most 3 pages, as most readers would not want to read long newsletters; hence, information are written precisely and interestingly to capture the attention of its readers.

An email newsletter template should have:

* Company Name & Address

* Company Logo

* Company Vision / Mission Statement

* Date of Publication

* Volume Number, Issue Number

* Topics

An email newsletter is meant to update its readers on the latest happenings in the company while promoting the company through its articles. There may be 2-3 articles on a page of the email newsletter which capture the attention and interest of its readers. The readers may contact the company should there be any feedback, query or information upon reading the articles in the newsletter.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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