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Employment Applications Template

Before a person is employed, he/she would need to fill up an employment application form which records his/her personal information. The information is referred during an interview or in the course of the employee’s employment, if he/she is successful with the job application.

The employment application template is quite full as there are many items of information about the potential employee that needs to be recorded.

The employment applications template contains important information sections such as:

* Personal Details of the Job applicant

* Position Applied

* Education

* References

The Personal Details section records:

* Applicant Name & Address

* Contact number

* Citizenship

* Birth date

* Insurance

* Criminal Record

The above information allows the organization to identify the potential employee as an individual. The last column of information – criminal record – is important to gauge the integrity of the applicant.

The Position applied section records:

* Job title

* Date of commencement

* Salary preferred

The above section records the position which the applicant is applying for in the organization with the relevant information.

The Education section records:

* Education level

* Qualification attained

* Area of specialization

The above section tracks the education level of the applicant to check his qualification against the position applied.

The Reference section records:

* Referee’s name

* Referee’s title

* Referee’s job

* Relationship with Referee

* Duration of relationship

The above section allows the organization to track the relevancy of the applicant’s experiences and character through his/her references.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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