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Employment Contracts Template

Employment is very important to every employee. The employee needs to know what is his job scope linked to the job position. An employee can be permanent or part-time. Part-time employment can be on a daily or hourly paid basis. Therefore, it is good to have employment contracts for every employee. This will dispel any disputes on work responsibilities and work load as well as computation of wages.

An employment contract is an agreement between the employer and the employee on some terms and conditions with regards to the employment. The contract may be quite wordy; it can be more than one page depending on the terms and conditions of the position and the company policy.

The employment contract template may have certain items such as:

* Organization name

* Employee name

* Date of Employment

* Job Title

* Pay / Salary

* Job Scope

* Work Hours

* Employment Benefits

The above items record the essential details related to the item mentioned. For example, in Pay / Salary section, the monthly figure is listed or a daily/hourly wage computation figure is noted. If the latter, the section may also include the frequency of payment for the employee.

The Job scope section is very important as it states the responsibilities of the employee in the particular department. The work hours can include the days of work as well as the total work hours for the employee.

Other employment benefits such as leave, bonus and medical benefits, can be listed for the clarity of the employee.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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