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Employment Forms Template

There are many types of employment form that a business may opt to adopt for employment purposes. Some forms are simple to fill in while others require a lot of information from the potential employee. Although this is the normal and necessary process for a potential employee, the simpler the employment form the better it is for the potential employee. But sometimes, that is not sufficient for the hiring company.

An employment form can include many relevant information of the potential employee for the company’s future reference. The employment form template contains important information sections such as:

* Applicant’s Name & Address

* Contact information

* Birth date

* Position applied for

* Job title

* Date of commencement

* Expected Salary

* Education level

* Qualification attained

* Area of specialization

* References’ information

* Referee’s title

* Referee’s job

* Relationship with Referee

* Duration of relationship

* Interviewer’s comments & recommendations

The employment form may have sections that are to be filled up by the company personnel so that the candidate’s records can be filed up for future references.

It can also allow the interviewer to make notes on the potential candidate during the interview so that the company can confirm if the candidate is suitable for the applied post or another vacancy that may be more suitable for the candidate.

Otherwise, the candidate may be rejected or put on hold for future vacancy considerations.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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