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Employment Letter Template

When you wish to apply for a job, you should write a formal employment letter that will impress the potential hirer to take you in. Hence, the employment letter is very important in securing the position you apply for.

An employment letter template would prove useful in allowing you to write your job request letter in the proper manner so that your success will be higher. An employment letter would have the formal standards of a letter with the proper addressee information with the date before the body contents which specify the job request intention.

An employment letter template is helpful as it allows you to make the relevant changes to the letter easily while keeping the formal format of the letter such as addressee information, job position applied, reference to job applied and salary requested. An employment letter template can also have an electronic enclosure of the resume for the recipient’s perusal. It can allow your employment letter to be of varying lengths depending on the contents and the job applied for.

Your contact information must be readily visible for the recipient to return call or contact for an interview.

An employment letter template may contain the following:

* Applicant’s Name & Address

* Contact information

* Company’s Name & Address

* Date

* Salutations

* Introduction

* Vacancy details

* Expected Salary

* Education level

* Qualification attained

* Area of specialization

* Availability for interview

* Referees

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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