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Employment Proposal Template

Employment is crucial to everyone of age who requires some income. Formal employment in any established or legal organization will require the potential job applicant to apply formally for any job or position.

The job applicant is required to submit an employment letter of intent or a job application letter stating interest in securing the job. A job can be advertised or recommended. Hence, an employment proposal is required by the job applicant to the employing organization which will decide if the job applicant is a suitable candidate for the job or position.

An employment proposal template may contain the following sections information:

* Date of Proposal

* Applicant’s Name & Address

* Applicant’s contact information

* Employing company’s Name & Address

* Job Position

* Personal details of applicant

* Educational information of applicant

* Work experience information of applicant

* Skills and Trainings of applicant

* Achievements of applicant

The applicant should state all necessary personal information about himself in an employment proposal to identify himself, such as birth date, gender, hobbies and race. You may even insert a photo of yourself in an employment proposal for the employing organization to identify.

The educational information category is crucial as it lists all the formal paths of learning with the certification and degrees attained.

Related work experience, skills and trainings will be an added advantage to the current job or position applied as these will raise the confidence of the hiring organization in its consideration of hiring you.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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