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Envelope Address Template

When you wish to post a letter or any kind of document, you will need an envelope. Most companies have their own pre-printed envelopes with their company name and logo with their address for identification and professionalism.

If the company posts a lot of documents or flyers to its clients, it would be necessary to have its own envelope address template. This is excellent in mass mailing your long customer database to update them on the company’s latest product or service. Although many use the email and websites, a document posted through the mail is more personal. It reflects a professional courtesy of keeping contact with the customers through a letter.

There are many occasions where the company will need to respond to the customer with a physical letter which requires an envelope and an address. The envelope address template is most suitable in generating the customer’s name and full address to be printed on the company’s pre-printed envelope. It may be a standard envelope size or a customized envelope size. The envelope address template will allow you to adjust the envelope measurements to ensure a properly printout of information.

The fonts of the Customer’s name and address can be adjusted. Borders or patterns on the envelope can also be included to enhance the envelope design.

An envelope address template may contain the following:

* Company’s Name

* Company’s Logo

* Company’s Address

* Customer’s Name

* Customer’s Address

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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